TP's a Cancer Survivor

On Dec. 26th. 2013 T.P.’s PET scan revealed no trace of the throat cancer he’s battled since early 2012. Some have called his success story inspirational, motivational, even educational. But T.P. sees it as eerily ironic. Five years ago, then perfectly healthy, he did a benefit show to build a new cancer center, clueless that he would be treated there.

"My oncologist said there’s nothing funny about cancer.” says T.P. “It wasn’t fun. Neither was summer football practice. But a lot of it seems happy and funny after you’re successful. And there are a lot of levels of success. So as a comedian, my oncologist makes a pretty good doctor.”

“I got cisplatin intravenously in a room called “The Chemo Lounge”, although it’s not as much fun as it sounds. It’s not like a lounge in Vegas with a band or anything...nobody offering to buy a round of drinks for the room...because they serve the drinks in plastic bags that cost $7,000 a piece. Hard to find anyone THAT sociable.” --T.P. Mulrooney

"You were great! The coaches were still laughing about your comedy routines the next day." -- Coaches vs Cancer, American Cancer Society

“TP made it an extra special evening of comedy with his personal touches of his story. Everyone was Wowed and sincerely appreciated him as a comedian and loved his human touch…. It was a special night that opened up peoples human side.” -- Serrano Country Club

"What a wonderful night of laughter, it helped us raise so much more. When Sr.Aline hugged TP after his show I knew it was a great success!" -- St. Francis Health